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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Starting a Thanksgiving Tradition

I've thought lately about what kind of traditions we could start as a family, and I read an article in a parenting magazine about how different families shared their thanks at Thanksgiving. One family had an "album of thanks" (basically a folder with notebook paper), and every year on Thanksgiving morning, they would take time before the day got hectic, and would sit around the table, drink coffee, and write down what each person was thankful for that year. Their kids are older now, and they said it was neat to look back on what they'd written in years' past.

Well, the whole "sitting at the table and leisurely drinking coffee and sharing our thoughts and thanks" concept probably isn't going to happen for a few more years, but I liked the idea. And, there's no time like the present, so I started a "Reginald Family--Why We're Thankful" album.

We got around to filling it out this evening while Lucas wandered around and can hopefully make it a yearly tradition. Most of our thanks revolved around being able to pay the bills and save money to do so while I stayed home with the boys this year. Jacob is thankful for his toys, Lucas, Mommy and Daddy, and his hats. I'm also thankful for the friends we've made, like the ones who came over and shared a meal with us today. God has blessed and faithfully brought us through another year. Happy Thanksgiving!

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That's a neat idea! - Sarah