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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Playing Santa Claus When Traveling

My husband and I have family in Indiana and Canada, so we have spent every Christmas in either of those two places. This year, we're going to Indiana.  Now that Jacob is four years old and really into the Santa Claus thing, I had to think about what to do about Santa Claus bringing his gifts. It looked like our options were to:

1. Bring the gifts with us from Maryland to Indiana. (An option, but not one that I considered for long. Our car is always jam packed the way it is.)

2. Ship the gifts to Indiana. (Not really an option either because of cost, and we'd have to just ship them back.)

3. Ask Santa to bring the gifts early.

The third option seemed to be the most practical, so I told Jacob a few weeks ago that we'd email Santa and just ask him to bring the gifts on Dec 17, the Saturday before we leave. After a few matter-of-fact discussions, Jacob thought it was a good idea, too, and reminded me that we'll have to leave the door to the fireplace unlocked. With the advanced technology we have today, and world travel so much easier, I'm sure Santa won't have a problem granting our request.

So, this afternoon, we emailed Santa (using my mom's email address), with a request to come early and a list from Jacob and Lucas. Now I just have to find a "lego board" like they have at school. I tried to ask for more details, but he assured me that Santa would know what it is. Toys R Us, here I come.

Have you traveled over Christmas and had to play Santa? I'd love to hear what others have done.


Anonymous said...

Toys R Us does have lego boards, so hopefully you can find one easily! ~ Sarah

Jenny said...

I stopped by Toys R Us today, and they're out. Too late to order online, so maybe we can get one after Christmas. He'll have plenty of other things. :)