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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Finding the Perfect Toy for Show and Tell

About once a month, Jacob gets to be the Star of the Day at preschool. A highly coveted position, the Star of the Day has a list of duties, including "checking the weather" (going outside with the teacher and reporting back to the other students after they sing the weather song), being the line leader, helping at snack time, and getting to bring a special item to show the class.

Each month, when they send the monthly calendar home, I mark his special day on the calendar, and he starts thinking about what he's going to take to show the class. So, after several show and tells, and he'd run out of special trucks and tractors that would fit in his backpack, Nelson told him he should bring his Tamil book. (Tamil is my husband's native tongue, and he's been teaching Jacob to read and speak it.) I thought that was a great idea, and he could teach a few words to the class. Jacob didn't want to, since it's not a "cool" toy, I guess. So, he ended up taking this plastic snake at the last minute. Nelson was furious when he got home from work and found out he'd taken a plastic snake.

I'm not sure what conversation took place between them, but I tried to kindly encourage him to take the book. I told him I was sure at least one kid in his class spoke Spanish or some other language, and it would make Daddy very happy. Anyway, by the next time he was Star of the Day, he had decided to take the book. Nelson went through it, telling what pages he thought he should "read" to the class. He did take the book to class and said he read a couple pages.

This episode reminded me of Kindergarten, when my twin sister and I would rummage through the toy box for the perfect toy to take. I can't remember one single thing that I took, but I remember that it was a big deal. Do you have any special Show and Tell memories?

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